Chandler, a gem in the heart of Phoenix (PHX), is a bustling city characterized by its unique blend of modernity and heritage. As with every growing city, relocating within, to, or from Chandler can be quite a daunting task. The challenges of moving—packing, transporting, and organizing—are more than just physically demanding; they’re emotionally taxing too. The weight of managing such a complex task can be overwhelming. This is where professional moving companies like 2 Fellas Phoenix come into play, ensuring that your move is smooth, efficient, and stress-free.We are #1 movers in Chandler for a reason!

Full Moving Service

When you want to hire a local moving company, you want to hire a company that offers hiqh quality and full moving service. Luckily, 2 Fellas Phoenix offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to make your move a breeze:


Catering to the local residents, ensuring smooth transitions within the Chandler area.Regardless of the size of your (new) home – we do it swiftly and by following the moving laws and obligations that are required in AZ state.

Commercial/Office Moves 

Specialized services to relocate businesses and offices seamlessly. Whether you have a couple of PCs or a robust business equipment, we move it safely and efficiently. Unlike other Chandler moving companies, we guarantee you fast business relocation! 

Packing Services 

Expert packers handle your belongings with utmost care, ensuring everything arrives safely. Everything is labeled so you know exactly where each item is. Quality materials provided to protect your items during transit.

Long Distance 

Moving beyond Chandler? We cover distant relocations with the same efficiency.We can give the custom-tailored quotes for your long distance move.


Trained personnel to move heavy and valuable safes securely. Our movers’ chandler AZ team will ensure your privacy and no one will know what your safe holds.

Pool Tables

Pool tables are delicate items to move and many moving companies try to avoid them. We have a specialized equipment and technique to ensure your pool table moves without a scratch.

Upright Pianos 

Our Chandler moving company offers experience in moving delicate musical instruments safely. Cotinue where you left off with your music in no time.


Why would you tore your valuables with other moving companies chandler AZ offers when you can count on 2 Fellas to secure your items as long as you want? We offer secure facilities to store your belongings short or long term.

Senior Relocation

Tailored services ensuring smooth transitions for our elder residents. We have custom and the most affordable rates for seniors who want to move.

What Do You Get From 2 Fellas as #1 Chandler Movers?

Hiring 2 Fellas Phoenix alleviates the monumental stress of moving. Time is of the essence, and with our expertise, we streamline the process, managing logistics down to the last detail. You’re not just hiring movers; you’re enlisting professionals who care, ensuring that every item, from the bulkiest to the most delicate, is handled with precision. In essence, choosing 2 Fellas means choosing peace of mind.You only need to come to the new home and tell us where you want your items to be unloaded & unpacked. Therefore, you can count on:

  • Stress-free relocation
  • Safe & swift transportation of your items & belongings 
  • Free time for your leisure
  • Complete support during the moving process.

Professionalism & Expertise by Best Local Movers

With 2 Fellas Phoenix, you’re guaranteed:

  • Experience: Years in the industry mean we’ve faced and overcome countless challenges.
  • Reliability: Consistent high-quality service every time.
  • Top Quality Packages: Premium services without the premium price tag.
  • Trained Staff: Every team member is trained to uphold the highest standards.
  • Customer First Approach: Ensuring every move is tailored to the client’s needs.

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