Sun City, nestled in the vibrant heart of Phoenix, stands as a beacon of community, leisure, and comfort. Just as the golden rays of the sun illuminate its neighborhoods, the city itself radiates a sense of belonging. Yet, there are moments when life compels us to embark on new beginnings, to move from one chapter to the next. Moving, an endeavor as old as humanity itself, carries its own challenges. The mammoth task of packing a lifetime of memories, handling fragile items, and ensuring everything reaches its destination safely can be overwhelming. This is where the significance of a trusted Sun City moving company like 2 Fellas Phoenix shines. In the midst of relocating anxieties, we emerge as the relief, the solution to all your moving dilemmas. Trust in Sun City movers to turn the challenge of change into a seamless journey.

Best Full Moving Service in Sun City, AZ

2 Fellas is known for its top-notch full-moving service. We offer reliable & professional:


As the best movers in Sun City, AZ, we cater to all local and residential moves. We ensure that each possession, whether big or small, is handled with the utmost care. Your job is to get familiar with the neighborhood and set up your local bank account or utility bills.

Commercial/Office Moves

Our specialized team efficiently relocates businesses, ensuring minimal downtime. Experience a hassle-free transition to your new workspace with Sun City moving companies like ours. Continue with your business in no time – as 2 Fellas ensure swift business relocation. 

Packing Services 

A meticulously packed item is a safely transported one. We offer professional packing services to secure every belonging, from books to glassware. Top-grade packing materials are at your disposal. Ensuring the safety of your items is our priority. We label each box prior to the transportation so we know exactly what each box contains.

Long Distance Moving

Want to move to another city? Or even another state? No problem as miles don’t deter us. Be it a different city or state; we guarantee a smooth long-distance move. Just specify the addresses and you’re good to go.

Safe Moving

Your valuables deserve the best care. We possess the expertise to move safes with precision. No need to specify weight or dimensions – we handle every safe efficiently and easily! Also, your privacy is our top priority – no one will have a clue what you have in your safe.

Pool Table Moving

Pool tables are usually hard to transport – but not with 2 Fellas! With specialized equipment, we ensure your pool tables are transported scratch-free and intact. Be sure to call your friends to play pool the very same day you move to the new home.

Upright Piano Moving

The sentimental and financial value of pianos is enormous. Our team disassembles and assembles the pianos at the spot without your help. We handle these with care, expertise, and the right tools.


Need temporary or long-term storage? Our facilities are secure and accessible, ensuring your belongings remain safe and accessed only by you. Climate-controlled storage units that you can access 24/7.

Senior Relocation 

We understand the unique needs of senior relocations. Also, we know how hard can be to move boxes around when you are not that young anymore. Compassion and efficiency define our approach in assisting older adults.

What’s in for You When You Pick #1 Sun City Movers?

Hiring 2 Fellas means bestowing the burdens of time, stress, and logistics upon professionals. We meticulously plan every move, ensuring transportation is a breeze and your items are cared for with the utmost dedication. Choosing us is choosing serenity in the chaos of change. Therefore, you get:

  • Stress-free relocation
  • Safe & swift transportation of your items & belongings 
  • Free time for your leisure
  • Complete support during the moving process.

Long-Term Expertise

  • Experience: Years of serving Sun City have polished our expertise. Our legacy is our testimony.
  • Reliability: When we commit, we deliver. That’s the 2 Fellas promise.
  • State-of-the-art Equipment: We use the best tools for the job, ensuring safety and efficiency at every step.

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