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Best Neighborhoods in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona, is a city celebrated for its vibrant lifestyle and diverse neighborhoods. To identify the best neighborhoods in Phoenix, 2 Fellas considered several key factors including the general atmosphere, amenities, safety, quality of schools, and access to parks and outdoor activities.

How We Selected the Best Neighborhoods

Our selection criteria for the best neighborhoods in Phoenix are comprehensive:

  • Atmosphere: We look for vibrant, welcoming communities that cater to a variety of lifestyles and preferences.
  • Amenities: Essential services such as shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues are a must.
  • Safety: We analyze crime statistics and safety reports to identify the safest neighborhoods in Phoenix.
  • Schools: Neighborhoods with access to quality education options are preferred.
  • Parks and Outdoors: Proximity to recreational areas and green spaces is considered important for quality of life.

Neighborhood Deep Dives

Now, let’s dive quickly in each of the best neighborhoods in Phoenix city to see what you can expect from living in Phoenix neighborhoods.

1. Arcadia

This charming neighborhood balances urban and suburban life perfectly. Arcadia offers not just beautiful homes but also a plethora of local amenities like the popular Arizona Falls, numerous local eateries, and boutique shops. The Biltmore Fashion Park is a nearby attraction offering luxury shopping experiences.

2. Roosevelt Row

As Phoenix’s premier arts district, Roosevelt Row is vibrant with cultural offerings, from indie music venues to popular eateries like The Dressing Room. The neighborhood’s proximity to the Phoenix Center for the Arts and a plethora of galleries underscores its appeal to creative individuals and young professionals alike.

3. Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley, known for its luxury homes and serene landscapes, offers not only privacy but also proximity to top-rated attractions like the Echo Canyon Recreation Area. It’s an area that prioritizes safety and quiet living, making it one of the best places to live in Arizona for families.

4. North Scottsdale

Known for its affluence and high quality of life, North Scottsdale is home to some of the best schools in the state. The area also boasts major attractions such as the Scottsdale Airpark and numerous golf clubs, catering to those who appreciate a luxurious and active lifestyle.

5. Downtown Phoenix

The heart of the city, Downtown Phoenix, is bustling with activities and amenities. It’s home to significant landmarks like Chase Field and the Phoenix Convention Center. This area offers a diverse range of dining and shopping options, from local artisan shops to well-known chains.

6. Tempe

Adjacent to Phoenix, Tempe offers a youthful energy with its college town vibe. The neighborhood is known for its educational institutions, like Arizona State University, and cultural attractions, including the Tempe Center for the Arts. Tempe Beach Park provides a scenic venue for outdoor activities and community events.

Why You Should Trust Us?

At 2 Fellas Phoenix, our in-depth local knowledge and years of moving experience in Phoenix make us your ideal partner in finding the perfect neighborhood. Our team has helped countless families and individuals relocate across Phoenix, gaining unique insights into each area’s character, safety, and amenities. This hands-on experience equips us with the expertise to recommend the best places to live, tailored to your needs. Trust us to guide you home with professionalism and local wisdom that only comes from years of dedicated service.


Phoenix’s neighborhoods offer a rich tapestry of lifestyles, from the bustling urban life of Downtown Phoenix to the luxurious, serene settings of Paradise Valley. Each neighborhood in Phoenix provides unique opportunities and environments, ensuring that there’s a perfect place for everyone who wants to call this vibrant city home. Keep in mind that the cost of living in Phoenix is 3% lower than the state average, which is a great thing for those looking to save some money. If you need a moving help in Phoenix, contact our Phoenix movers and ensure yourself a smooth move!